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Our Logo

        Our Logo is a graphic of a symbol, it is a combination of visual and verbal sexual. We express our abstract meaning through a graphic to get the effect of Movement, Space, and Aesthetics' combination. It profoundly express the spirit of Longshixiang company through the way of graphic's breakthrough and rotation.
        The formation of our Logo come from the first letter of company's name, we combine Chinese traditional auspicious clouds, then we get the final Logo symbol. The red rotating drawing is like a rising sun, and it is also like a huge magnet attracting the company to a brilliant future. Our Logo symbolizes our company upward to a huge development and our staff's self-confidence & their passion to work.
        The design of our Logo is Graceful and generous, the red color for Logo which we choose is on behalf of the spirit of our company and thriving future in developing.

Contact US

If you have any suggestions or comments you can fill in here, but also want to order the product back to us for us, we will contact you shortly.
    86-0576-82233888 LSX@longshixiang.com
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